Caravan Accessories – AUSFLEX Laminates (Brown Terrazzo 5461)


Ausflex Post-forming laminates XT Gloss is a high scuff and scratch resistant post forming laminate







  • AUSFLEX XT Gloss uses the latest surface delivery technology, to produce a gloss surface finish, superior to the existing overlay methods currently available from most suppliers, and is vastly superior to standard gloss laminates.
  • The result is a gloss that has a much higher level of scratch and scuff resistant, along with a higher level of colour clarity and definition.
  • AUSFLEX XT Gloss can be post-formed down to a 6mm radius on standard PF equipment, and may be formed to a tighter radius on the latest post-forming machines.
  • AUSFLEX XT Gloss is available in a 3660mm x 1400mm x 0. 7mm sheet size. 

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